ICT CAR-T in Solid Tumors

ICT’s approach to solving challenges for CAR-T cell therapy in solid tumors

Current challenges with traditional CAR-T cell therapy in solid tumors include:

  • Identification of cancer specific antigen
  • Limited expansion and persistence
  • Efficient trafficking and infiltration into tumor
  • Overcoming tumor-mediated immunosuppression

Traditional CAR-T technology 

Traditional CAR-T technology has made remarkable achievements in hematological tumors, with products already approved and on the market. However, traditional CAR-T technology has not shown significant efficacy in solid tumors.

ICT’s next generation CAR-T technology for solid tumors 

The next generation of CAR-T technology, CoupledCARTM, developed by ICT, focuses on solving the main problems encountered in the treatment of solid tumors. CoupledCARTM optimizes target selection and greatly enhances the efficacy of the CAR-T therapy. IRB-approved human trials in thyroid cancer and colorectal cancer show that the effect of ICT’s CoupledCARTM technology is remarkable.