First-in-class dnPD-1 armored CAR-T

Lead product in U.S. targeting CD19 in NHL, including PD-L1 positive, patients

ICT is developing ICTCAR014, a first-in-class dominant negative PD-1 (dnPD-1) CAR-T cell therapy, for treatment of NHL. Research has shown that the inhibition of PD-1 may enhance CAR-T cell function. ICTCAR014 targets CD19 and expresses a dnPD-1 protein that blocks the immunosuppression by cancer cells which is mediated by the interaction of PD-1 and PD-L1/2.


  • dnPD-1 armored CD19 CAR-T construct targeting patients with relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), including patients who are PD-L1 positive
  • To date, patients treated in China (n=13) in IRB-approved human trials have demonstrated 92.3% objective response rate (53.8% complete remission; 38.5% partial remission). We observed significant tumor shrinkage, significant CAR-T cell expansion and limited toxicity

ArmoredCAR® – dnPD-1 – construct blocks PD-L1/2 inhibitory signal allowing for ICTCAR014 to be active


Note: scFV: single-chain variable fragment (extracellular ligand recognition domain); IRES: Internal Ribosome Entry Sites (RNA element involved in process of protein synthesis); WT: wild-type (standard “normal” allele; ECD: extracellular domain