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Building a next generation CAR-T technology platform

Innovative Cellular Therapeutics (ICT) is building a comprehensive platform of CAR-T cell therapies for liquid and solid tumors.

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells (CAR-T) are created by genetically modifying patient T-cells with a chimeric antigen receptor consisting of an antigen-binding site of a tumor-recognizing antibody, a transmembrane domain, a co-stimulatory domain and the intracellular signaling domain of a T-cell receptor ζ-chain. The resultant CAR-T cells are able to specifically recognize and kill the targeted cancer cells.

ArmoredCAR® – dnPD-1 – CAR-T Platform

Improving CAR-T efficacy and overcoming resistance

Innovative Cellular Therapeutics (ICT) uses a dnPD-1 approach to improve CAR-T efficacy and overcome resistance. A dominant-negative mutation results in a protein that has lost a certain part of its function (negative), but it can outcompete the endogenous protein in some way (dominant).

Antigen-activated exhausted T cell
Antigen-activated T cell

ICT is genetically modifying CAR-T cells to overexpress a dominant negative PD-1 (dnPD-1) protein with an altered intracellular signaling domain. The dnPD-1 expressed on the CAR-T cell surface can act as a “decoy receptor” to bind and block the PD-L1/2 inhibitory signal. The expressed dnPD-1 protein counteracts PD-L1-mediated immunosuppression and thereby enhances the efficacy of our CAR-T cell therapy.


Next generation solid tumor CAR-T platform

ICT is developing next generation CoupledCARTM technology to treat solid tumors.